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30 °C weather → ½ year winters
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Apologies, my name is 이미초.

My sadness comes in waves, and today the moon is pulling the tide in high.

I am so bad at conversing with cute boys that message me on Grindr or any other ‘dating’ apps.

My phone is literally drenched in sweat right now. I always panic and then read their messages too fast and misread them and then misinterpret them and then fuck up the flow of the conversation.

Cute boys are actually my weakness, cute boys that seem to like me, that just KOs me.

Actually really digging Winner’s debut album.

I’m so fucking high right now, omfg. This feels so weird. Holy fuck.

I ate one brownies like an hour ago and it’s finally hitting me. Fuck.

Don’t do maryjiguana. That’s how I pronounce it.

It’s two in the morning and I’m watching the iCarly special, the one where they go to Tokyo.

Just realized that Ally Maki and Harry Shum Jr. were the special guests…

This is what I do with my life, watch tween sitcoms and think about cute boys I want to kiss.

Also, on a different note I played Pokemon Monopoly for four hours today with a group of friends.

Feeling really blessed for meeting these people, but I also fuck hate them since I fucking lost because goddamn Pikachu landed on someone else’s fucking Poke Centre.

Much anger comes from that four hour game. 

Hoping these friendships will continue on for awhile. 


Did Yenny just save k-pop?

While I do love catchy tunes, flashy colors and the sex appeal, it does get a bit tiring.

So when Yenny debuted with Ha:tfelt it honestly brought some life back into k-pop. Currently listening to the album and there’s no song I haven’t liked yet.

It’s truly heartbreak when a cute guy you follow on Instagram posts a picture of him kissing another boy.

I need some cute boys to kiss. 😢

Do I want to be super messy today?

Or do I just want to sit at home and do nothing…

Sigh, why can’t I be messy with someone that’s like my boyfriend.

Or a hot Indian intern named Pav.

Craving to make out with someone right now.

Forceful, tongue on tongue, ass grabbing make out session.

With neck licking, nipple squeezing, and hair pulling.

All that good jazz.

What an uneventful Sunday (technically Monday) night.

Guess I’m not going to K Days… Kinda disappointed.

Oh well, not a big deal.

There’s a really scary big moth in my house now and I don’t know where it flew to and there’s a bunch of tiny other moths around and I hate life.

Please send help.

Life seems to be picking up.

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