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Apologies, my name is 이미초.

It’s truly heartbreak when a cute guy you follow on Instagram posts a picture of him kissing another boy.

I need some cute boys to kiss. 😢

Do I want to be super messy today?

Or do I just want to sit at home and do nothing…

Sigh, why can’t I be messy with someone that’s like my boyfriend.

Or a hot Indian intern named Pav.

Craving to make out with someone right now.

Forceful, tongue on tongue, ass grabbing make out session.

With neck licking, nipple squeezing, and hair pulling.

All that good jazz.

What an uneventful Sunday (technically Monday) night.

Guess I’m not going to K Days… Kinda disappointed.

Oh well, not a big deal.

There’s a really scary big moth in my house now and I don’t know where it flew to and there’s a bunch of tiny other moths around and I hate life.

Please send help.

Life seems to be picking up.

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First thing in the morning I had to deal with confrontation, everyone was shaking because of the adrenaline I guess.

$1500 does not even cover half of what happened, but it’s the best we could get out of them.

I’m hella hungry too. ( ̄^ ̄)

Maybe being private about things was always the way to go.


Why why why why.



There’s too many feelings at one in the morning. 

Fucking daisies. 

I already miss Vancouver and I’m still here.

Honestly, I just wanna sit on the Seawall on a good day and breathe in the salty air.

And date a cute boy, that too.

Thanks for inviting me to go out secksy, very nice meeting your friends and you.

It wasn’t a dud like you thought it was.

I have a zit on the tip of my nose and I’m meeting two new people today.

Goddamn hate it. I look like Rudolf. ):

There’s so many hot guys here. It’s so disgusting. My eyes can’t take a break, and I’m so bad at secretly staring at people. They’re like tall, and muscular and I’m just like.


Honestly I can’t say I would want to move to Vancouver, this city is great don’t get me wrong. The city is so beautiful and vibrant, the food is great, and let’s not forget about the eye candy.

But. Even for a day I’m away, I already miss my mommy. I secretly worry about her and how she’s doing without me and my sister. She’s a single mother, so all she has is us. Also it doesn’t help that this week’s episodes of You Are All Surrounded is about a mother who got violently abused. I couldn’t even watch half of the episode to be honest. I already miss home, and how I just laze around my room.

Traveling makes me so anxious, I feel so uncomfortable. Something I need to work on. I’m so used to being comfortable that even a slight adjustment makes my ground shake.

Currently packing for Vancouver~

If any of you guys live there/visiting there the same time I am, feel free to hit me up and we can hang.

Hi, I’m alive after staying up the whole night to write my research paper.

It was quite the blur to be honest.

It consisted of me researching articles on feminism and femininity in the Roaring Twenties and then showing which female characters exemplified and/or resisted the idea of femininity at that time.

But honestly I spent half of the night watching Pokemon and League of Legends videos.

And lots of porn.

Shit ton of a porn actually.