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"Barriers exist to be broken."
I don't know where I'll go,
'94 winter baby.

I can’t believe someone just posted on IG “Met a soul mate, he was married”.

😒 People these days.

ARTIST: Bernard Park
ALBUM: 난...
TRACK: 솔직히 말해서
PLAYS: 456



snsd went from 9 members to 8…………. at the same time pluto was declared a planet again so the solar system went from 8 planets to 9…………. illuminati

i cant believe jessica left snsd to become a planet of our solar system #sicafighting

The hot spring wasn’t the only thing was hot.

Some of the guys were pretty cute. But oh well.

Oh, I’m in Banff right now~ Very pretty here, so pretty much sexy. Ok not the sexy part. But I’m enjoying my time here with friends. :)

siemprefallo whispered : w0w we are so perfect for each other

hi everyone.

this is mateo, he goes to UBC rn, he likes cuddling & talking about issues, if u like him hit him up ok????

also no sex, he hates sex.

ARTIST: Younha
ALBUM: What Does My Heart Become
TRACK: 내 마음이 뭐가 돼

Maybe napping at 5 wasn’t such a good idea.

I just woke up and it’s 9pm. )))):