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Welcome wanderer,
Blowing candles since '94.
30 °C weather → ½ year winters
student | gamer | k-pop | pokemon
Apologies, my name is 이미초.

→ Anonymous whispered : you should watch sleeveless Eric nam dumping water on himself. It will make you feel better

I’ve already seen that poop do that to himself (for a good cause). But let’s talk about his brother?

That dude is smoking. Eric is cute and all but Eddie is phew.

God bless the Nam family, daddy and mommy probably have the best genes in the world.

My sadness comes in waves, and today the moon is pulling the tide in high.

I am so bad at conversing with cute boys that message me on Grindr or any other ‘dating’ apps.

My phone is literally drenched in sweat right now. I always panic and then read their messages too fast and misread them and then misinterpret them and then fuck up the flow of the conversation.

Cute boys are actually my weakness, cute boys that seem to like me, that just KOs me.

→ Anonymous whispered : Fuck. The new Kara song is the bomb.

Honestly the new KARA song is decent.

This song is mostly chorus, which is understandable seeing how they lost two singers/rappers. It’s pretty generic, and although I love KARA, this song isn’t one of their best. 

I’m actually still addicted to Secret’s I’m In Love. Probably the main reason why I’m not listening to it as much, but I’ll probably listen to it more later on as I’m In Love wears off on me.

→ Anonymous whispered : How tall are you? Stay cute. I would date you but I live in the U.S. and I'm not Asian :(

I think I’m 5’8” which is 172cm. Honestly I’m not 100% person sure but I think I am around that height. Everyone lives in the U.S., actually no, it’s just that no one lives in this poopy city that has half year winters. 

What’s wrong with being non-Asian? Though I do have a preference for Asians and Middle Eastern guys I’m not only exclusively dating Asian guys (though it may seem like it). 

And thank you, I try to stay moderately ok looking at all times.