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"Barriers exist to be broken."
I consume food nonstop,
'94 winter baby.

→ Anonymous whispered : Where do you work? :)

Second Cup ☕️

"Let’s pull an all nighter because I procrastinated all day" the thrilling sequel.

It’s so unexpected where people move and to see how far they flutter around the globe throughout their life.

This elementary schoolmate of mine just posted a picture of herself in Banff, now since I went to elementary school in Malaysia I thought she was just here visiting or vacationing. But it turns out just started at the UoA a year ago.

While I do remember her, and have her on Facebook, I don’t think I ever talked to her. I just find it funny how she ended up in this frozen wasteland as well, most of her posts from last year were about the snow, and pictures of the snow.

Malaysia is a SEA country I can’t blame her. Even I post pictures about the snow sometimes, and I’ve been here for seven years. 

Also side note I love how her best friend is a flaming twinky Asian kid who now studies in Australia, coming out from that school (haha that unintentional pun) I thought I’d be the only homosexual, but clearly that is not the case. There’s also this girl who I considered a friend back then, and everyone thought she was just in some tomboy phase, but she just became this really butch lesbian. 

Ah the past is funny, it’s so nostalgic. 

I’m craving for KBBQ so much. :’^(

Also craving for some dick but we’ll just ignore that craving for now.

→ Anonymous whispered : You're such a fucking cutie. Holy shit.

Thank you~ I would return the compliment but, y’know, I can’t.


double chins are what make us human

→ Anonymous whispered : So how do you do hook ups? and what do you do?

What do you mean?

You find someone on Grindr, meet up somewhere, make a bad life choice, and then exit their car smelling like sex and regret.

That’s at least how I do it~ :’)